Red Box Wargames 1/72 Colonial British Army 1890 (12) Kit

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When the British Empire annexed Punjab in 1849 it found itself with the troublesome peoples of southern Afghanistan as its near neighbors. These various tribes frequently raided within Punjab itself, and over the next half-century and more dozens of punitive expeditions were mounted. Even the most successful only succeeded in stopping raids for a short time, and by the last decade of the 19th century, the situation was no different. As is usual with such empires, the British generally used mostly native Indian troops for these expeditions, but often included some European troops, which are the subject of this set.

By the 1890s improvements in weaponry meant soldiers could generally keep each other at bay by rifle fire alone, and the various Afghan tribes also had access to such weapons, which suited their preferred tactic of sniping from higher ground. 

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