Panzer Tracts No. 3-1 PzKpfw III Ausf A-D, Leichttraktor & Krupp MKA

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This book covers not just the early Pz IIIs, but also the Leichttraktor that came before them.

It was Germany’s first post-WWI gun tank, so belongs here in the Panzer Tracts sequence. Two types were built, by Krupp and by Rheinmetall, with different chassis but the same rear-mounted turret.

Technical specifications are given, with many photographs, side-view plans by Mr. Doyle, and drawings with dimensions that give enough information for scratch builders to produce models of either version. Then comes the Panzer III coverage, starting with the prototype chassis ordered from Daimler-Benz and from M.A.N. and trial turrets from Rheinmetall and from Krupp. The Krupp turret was selected, with the Daimler-Benz chassis and its coil spring suspension used for the Ausf A. Daimler-Benz produced further test chassis with differing leaf spring suspensions that became the Ausfs B, C and D. All four types saw action in the 1939 Polish campaign of 1939 but, apart from a few Ausf D used in Norway, were replaced by Ausf E before the French campaign.

Development and use is described in detail, with the modifications made during testing and those after issue to the troops. Although there’s a 4-view 1/35 scale plan only for the Ausf D, there are side views of Ausfs A to C and of course many photographs including interior views of the Ausf A turret and full interior and exterior stowage layouts for the Ausf D.

The book ends with the M.K.A., a design intended for export but never given official approval for sale. This was not a development of the Pz III series but a completely different tank and completes the story of gun-armed Panzers up to 1938.
  • Soft Cover
  • 72 Pages 

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