Polar Lights Sci-Fi 1/1000 Star Trek TOS Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser Snap Kit

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When asked, most non-modelers say the need for messy glue and paint is the reason they don’t attempt building a kit. This hurdle has been overcome with this snap-together kit of the Klingon Battle Cruiser from Polar Lights. This version of the ship comes from Star Trek: The Original Series and includes all colors and insignias pre-decorated on the parts. The kit assembles easily and is the perfect size for any bookshelf. An easy-to-follow pictorial instruction sheet is included along with a dome stand that features a support wire that allows the model to be displayed at different angles.
  • All parts pre-decorated, NO paint required
  • Easy snap assembly
  • 10” long - perfect for any bookshelf
  • The most iconic Star Trek® enemy ship

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