Paragraphix Details 1/350 Star Trek The Original Series: USS Enterprise Supplemental Photo-Etch & Decal Set for PLL

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For the amazing 1:350 scale original series USS Enterprise. Add extra details not available on the Polar Lights photoetch set. Specially designed with lighting in mind, this photoetch includes light-blocking masks for the bridge, landing bay and fantail. Bridge pieces include the control panels as well as series and first pilot versions of the display panels. Decals are included for the pilot version while the series panels work the decals included in the kit. Two versions of the bridge railings are also designed for first pilot and series versions. Crew is included at 1:350 scale, plus 3/4 that size to fit in the shuttle bay and bridge. ShadowCasters are printed on translucent film and can be placed behind the windows to add the appearance of depth. Strips are also included that fit into the windmills in the warp engine nacelles.

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