Paragraphix Details 1/350 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Seaview Submarine Photo-Etch Set for MOE

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This photoetched set brings the kit to a whole new level of realism. Featuring many of the same enhancements we pioneered for their spectacular 1:128 scale Seaview, you can add new details to this already fantastic kit: Complete Flying Sub bay Observation lounge, including ceiling girders, plotting station and closed water-tight collision doors (suitable for lighting), Internal "stand" for mounting the observation lounge if the Flying Sub bay is not used, Raised limber holes that precisely match the 17 foot filming miniature, The rarely seen under-side drain holes, Super-detailed sail doors matching the full-sized set, Rescaled ladder for the sail bridge, Choice of two different radar antennae, Docking cleats, Rudder tie-rods, 15 scale crew members!

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