Paragraphix Details 1/32 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Flying Sub Interior Decal Set for MOE

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Add the exterior enhancements to really make your Enterprise shine and Finally include the bridge! The only modification necessary to use this detail set is cutting a hole in the top of the primary hull to show the bridge. This is made even easier since we include a "washer" that fits in place to block lighting and provide a perfectly circular opening. This super-detailed set includes: Accurate warp engine grills, including rear extensions (scaled slightly for production). Accurate warp engine pylon grills (again, scaled slightly for production). Bussard collector "rotors", suitable for lighting and compatible with the VooDooFX lighting kit designed with the cooperation of VooDooFX. Impulse engine exhausts suitable for lighting match the new look of the CGI Enterprise, scaled to use with the included kit decals. Side details for the front of the secondary hull. The primary hull triangles sized to match the Enterprise decals from JT Graphics designed with the cooperation of JT Graphics. Light blocking ring for the upper dome. Two piece bridge!

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