Paragraphix Details 1/350 Star Trek: USS Enterprise Refit Photo-Etch Set for PLL

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Designed specifically for the Polar Lights 1:350th scale Refit Enterprise model, this photoetch set includes everything you'd expect (crew, shuttle bay girders, window frames), plus many that you wouldn't. Over 5.5 by 8.5 inches. Impulse engine grills. Crew both standing, singles, and mounted groups to cast shadows behind the oval windows. Girders and railings for the shuttle bay, including pieces to hide the seams at the two "steps" Shuttlebay doors. The lighted ring around the deflector dish. The rec deck in forced perspective so that it actually fits within the available space and looks correct. The airlock that Kirk exits through in STTMP with the option for an open or closed outer hatch. Work bee add-ons: two cargo sleds and two sets of work arms. Properly sized airlock doors. Hatches for the Vulcan shuttles, and transport pods. Gangway door for the port side of the primary hull. End caps for the warp engines. Window frames for the rec deck, officers lounge, and arboretum.

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