Panzer Tracts No.6-3 Schwere PzKpfw Maus & E100

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For Panzer Tracts No.6-3, Panzer gurus Thomas Jentz and Hilary Doyle look at the development and production of the legendary super-heavy Maus and E-100 tanks.

Thanks to the School of Tank Technology, Krupp’s correspondence and meeting notes survived to provide a detailed inside view to the development of the Maus and the associated Tiger-Maus (later renamed E100) projects. Since the rigid procurement system had broken down, anyone attending the next project meeting could add novel ideas as requirements such as remotely controlled flamethrowers and a 2cm anti-aircraft gun in the turret. Thanks to a private collector, the detailed large- scale component drawings created by Porsche and Krupp for the Maus survived and were used to create the new scale drawings of the Maus. By chance preserved drawings, notes and photographs made it possible to create new drawings of the E100 with a turret designed by Krupp in 1944. Following their high standards, the text and data are based solely on primary sources. 62-photos and 67 scale drawings illustrate this 72-page soft cover book.

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