Osprey Publishing Men at Arms: Armies of the Italian Wars of Unification 1848-70 (2) Papal States, Minor States & Volunteers

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In the 1840s, Italy was a patchwork of states. The North was ruled by the Austrian Empire, the South by the Spanish-descended monarchy of the Two Sicilies. Over the next two decades, after wars led by Savoy/Piedmont and volunteers such as Garibaldi, an independent Kingdom of Italy emerged. These conflicts saw foreign interventions and shifting alliances among minor states and attracted a variety of local and foreign volunteers.

This second volume in a two-part series covers the armies of the Papal States; the duchies of Tuscany, Parma, and Modena; the republics of Rome and San Marco (Venice) and the transitional Kingdom of Sicily; and the various volunteer movements. These varied armies and militias wore a wide variety of highly colorful uniforms which are brought to life in stunning, specially commissioned, full-color artwork from Giuseppe Rava.

  • Introduction: Overview of 'Second War of Independence' (1859); Garibaldi's rising in the South (1860); events of 1861-66; and 'Third War of Independence' (1866-70)
  • Chronology
  • 1866 campaign: battle of Custoza, and naval clash off Lissa
  • Conquest of Rome from Papal forces, 1870
  • The Papal army, 1848-70: organization, uniforms, weapons, and tactical performance
  • The minor states' armies, 1848-70: organization, uniforms, weapons and tactical performance of forces of Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Duchy of Parma and Duchy of Modena
  • Patriots and volunteers: organization, uniforms, weapons and tactical performance of Italian patriots and foreign volunteers, 1848-70, particularly (1848-49) Roman Republic, San Marco Republic and Kingdom of Sicily, and (1848-61), Garibaldi's Redshirts and others
  • Select Bibliography
  • Plate Commentaries

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