Osprey Publishing Combat Aircraft: Mosquito Fighter/Fighter Bomber Units of WWII

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The second volume in the trilogy of Combat Aircraft titles devoted to de Havilland's 'wooden wonder', this book focuses on the Mosquito fighter/fighter-bomber variants, and their users. From its earliest development phase, the aircraft was considered as much a fighter as a bomber, and this was duly reflected when the original 1940 Air Ministry order for 50 Mosquito bombers was modified to 20 bombers and 30 fighters. This volume is the first of its kind exclusively dedicated to the fighter/fighter-bomber variants of de Havilland's classic wartime aircraft.
  • Soft Cover
  • 100 Pages


  • Defensive Nightfighting
  • 'Baby Blitz' and Beyond
  • Offensive Nightfighting
  • Intruding
  • No 100 Group
  • Mosquito Menace
  • Appendices

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