OcCre 1/85 Golden Hind 3-Master English Galleon Sailing Ship (Intermediate Level) Wooden Kit

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Having been around the globe and back, this HMS Golden Hind model kit will be a great chance to rebuild a piece of history. Navigated by Sir Frances Drake between 1577 and 1580, and partly sponsored by Elizabeth I, this is one of the most famous galleon ships in the world.

A full-sized, sailable reconstruction is viewable on the south bank of the Thames and this kit gives you the chance to build your own scaled-down replica.

  • Step by step instruction manual for a streamlined building experience
  • Hull type: plank on frame
  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Laser-cut model pieces to allow a more precise final model
  • Includes all parts to complete the model
  • Building tools and accessories not included

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