MPC 1/48 Space 1999: Eagle Transporter (22" Long) w/Cargo Pod (2nd Edition) Kit

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This Product Usually Ships In 2-3 Business Days

The MRC 1/48 Space 1999: Eagle Transporter (22" Long) w/Cargo Pod (2nd Edition) Kit is a highly detailed model kit that faithfully replicates the iconic spacecraft from the classic science fiction television series "Space: 1999." This kit is designed for model enthusiasts who appreciate meticulous craftsmanship and enjoy the challenge of assembling and painting a complex model.

The kit features a 1/48 scale Eagle Transporter, measuring approximately 22 inches in length once fully assembled. The spacecraft consists of several intricately molded plastic parts that capture the intricate details and design elements of the original vessel. From the sleek, streamlined body to the various panels, vents, and thrusters, every aspect of the Eagle Transporter is replicated with great accuracy.

The kit includes a cargo pod, allowing you to customize your model and add an extra level of authenticity to the display. The cargo pod is detachable and can be mounted onto the transport module, providing a dynamic element to the model. This feature allows you to recreate scenes from the TV series, where the Eagle Transporter was frequently depicted transporting various cargo and equipment.

The interior of the model features a highly detailed cockpit, complete with control panels, seats, and instrumentation. The level of detail extends to the cargo hold as well, with textured surfaces and storage compartments that can be filled with miniature cargo items for added realism. 

To assemble the model, you will need to follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the kit. The instructions are clear and comprehensive, guiding you through the assembly process with detailed illustrations. It's important to exercise patience and attention to detail during assembly to ensure a precise fit and alignment of the parts.

Once the model is assembled, you can apply your own creativity to painting and weathering it. The kit does not include paints or brushes, so you'll need to acquire those separately. You can choose to recreate the original color scheme of the Eagle Transporter from the TV series or customize it to your liking. The choice of weathering techniques, such as dry brushing or washes, allows you to add realistic wear and tear, making the model appear as if it has been through space-faring adventures.

Overall, the MRC 1/48 Space 1999: Eagle Transporter (22" Long) w/Cargo Pod (2nd Edition) Kit is a highly detailed and challenging model kit that offers a rewarding experience for science fiction enthusiasts and model builders alike. With its accurate representation of the iconic spacecraft and the ability to customize it with the cargo pod, this kit provides a fantastic opportunity to bring the world of "Space: 1999" to life on your display shelf.


  • 1:48 scale, skill level 2, paint & glue required
  • 300+ parts
  • Molded in white
  • Built scale: 22 inches long
  • Ages 14+

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