Moebius Sci-Fi 1/144 2001 A Space Odyssey Discovery Kit

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When a monolithic object of extraterrestrial origin is discovered in orbit around Jupiter, the manned deep-space exploration spacecraft Discovery X-Ray Delta One is sent to investigate and collect data related to the mysterious artifact.

Discovery is powered by a gaseous nuclear fission plasma reactor, which is separated from the spherical crew habitation module by a long spine consisting of a series of modular containers. A massive communications array is mounted near the center of the spine. An onboard HAL9000 sentient computer controls the entire ship with assistance from two of the crew members.

Due to conficting information in his mission programming, the HAL9000 malfunctions, becomes paranoid, and kills all of the crew except for Commander David Bowman, who manages to survive by removing HAL's core memory banks. Yet the mystery of the monolithic artifact remains, and David Bowman is about to take the trip of his life...

Moebius Models' 1/144-scale kit of the Discovery is a meticulously detailed, precision-tooled styrene kit of one of cinema's most famous spacecraft. Forty-one inches (104cm) long fully assembled, the kit includes a display stand and features a hidden metal support for stability.

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