MiniArt Military Models 1/35 Kfz70 MB1500 German 4x4 Car w/Crew Kit

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The vehicle was classified same as Steyr 1500A and Horch Typ. The basic type of body became Kfz.70, designed for transporting of 7 person including driver.  For bad weather condition the body was equipped with retractable top and canvas panel, which could be settled on doors and sides. Trucks Mercedes-Benz L 1500A with Kfz. 70 were widely used, frequently trucks were as heavy staff cars.

Also different bodies were based on L 1500A and L 1500S chassis, particularly fire trucks, radio cars and ambulances were produced on the L 1500A and L 1500S bases. More often for radio cars and ambulances were used 4x2 chassis.

L 1500A trucks were produced from June of 1941 till July 1943, were produced 4900 trucks. Production of L 1500S started same in June of 1941, but was continued till July of 1944 and were produced 4100 trucks.
  • Highly detailed model
  • All New Tooling. Up-to-date technology using sliding molds.
  • Fully-detailed engine compartment and chassis
  • 507 parts
  • 86 PE parts
  • Decals included
  • Full-color instruction

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