MiniArt Military 1/35 Chinese Type 59 Early Prod Medium Tank (New Tool) Kit

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The Type 59 Tank is a Chinese license-built version of the Russian T-54A. The vehicle has been in Chinese PLA service (Peoples Liberation Army) since 1959 and has received a number of upgrades improving its firepower, protection, and mobility. It was further developed into the Chinese Type 69 Medium Tank.
Despite China’s size, it lacked indigenous tank development and production facil ities until the mid-1950s, when it received assistance from the Soviet Union (Russia) as both were communist nations. The Russians helped the Peoples Liberation Army construct 617 Factory, which was ready to manufacture tanks in 1956.

Russia had been manufacturing the T-54 from 1946 to 1958 (when production swapped to the T-55) and it was the T-54A that they gave to the PLA for licensed manufacturing for their first tank.

The T-54A was a low profile medium battle tank, equipped with a Russian 100mm smoothbore, fume extractor, and vertical gun stabilization system. It used a 520hp liquid cooled diesel engine. Knocked down kits of the T-54A were supplied to the PLA for assembly at 617 Factory, with the first assembled T-54A’s rolling out in 1958. The vehicle was accepted into service in 1959 as the Type 59, with all future 59’s built from local Chinese materials and sources.

Model Features:
  • Workable Torsion Bars
  • All Hatches Can Be Posed Open
  • Clear Parts Included
  • Photo-etched Parts Included
  • Decal Sheet For 6 Variants

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