Meng Military Models 1/35 Merkava Mk 4M Israeli Main Battle Tank w/Trophy Active Protection System (New Tool) Kit

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Merkava, a well-known name to military enthusiasts, is a unique main battle tank. By now, this IDF tank which has a strong survivability has reached its fourth generation. The latest variant is designated Merkava Mk.4M. Thanks to the experience gained by IDF from the conflicts against terrorists and guerilla, the Merkava Mk.4M is greatly different from the previous variants. The most outstanding feature of the Merkava Mk.4M is the excellent advanced Trophy active protection system. This system can neutralize threats before the crew members are aware of them. This system proved to be effective and reliable in recent IDF combat operations.

MENG has been working hand in hand with Lt. Col. (res) Michael Mass who’s the curator of the Latrun Armored Corps Museum. Thanks to the hard work of both parties, MENG has released a series of accurate and enjoyable model kits of IDF subjects. The latest product will be the TS-036 Israel Main Battle Tank Merkava Mk.4m w/Trophy Active Protection System that will come out soon. This model is 231.86mm long, 113.75mm wide. This kit contains a total of 950 parts. This product has the standard features of MENG tank kits like movable suspension, workable tracks, clear lights and optical parts, and fine PE parts. What’s most important is that it is the first time that the most advanced Trophy active protection system has been replicated as a part of a scale model. 

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