Meng 1/35th Panther Ausf. G Late w/ FG1250 Active Infrared Night Vision System Kit

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This Product Usually Ships In 3-4 Business Days

The Panther Ausf.G medium tank was the most classic and most produced Panther variant, and it’s also one of the best German medium tanks produced in late World War II. To offset the overwhelming advantages of the Allied forces in the number of aviation and armored forces in night operations, the Germans installed the FG1250 “Sperber” active infrared night vision system on the Panther Ausf. G tanks. 

This system consisted of an infrared searchlight and an infrared image converter. Tanks fitted with this system could detect and attack enemy targets several hundred meters away. However, because of the high cost, only 50 to 60 Panther Ausf.G tanks were equipped with the system.

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