Lindberg Model Aircraft 1/32 Coca Cola Gee Bee Racer Kit

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By the time the Gee Bee Model® first flew, Coca-Cola® was cementing its place as an American icon with its great taste and indelible advertising campaigns. Though not common at the time, Coke had already started its sponsorship of sport dating back to the 1928 Olympics. One year later in 1929 the Thompson Products company began sponsoring an “International Land Plane Free-For-All” to award the Thompson Trophy to the worlds fastest airplane. Jimmy Doolittle, the namesake of Doolittle’s Raid to come in WWII, piloted the Granville Brothers’ Super Sportster to victory in the 1932 race. This model kit from Lindberg celebrates Coca-Cola’s longstanding sponsorship of competition and the iconic air racer. The kit comes with a full array of Coke logos and markings that represent the era. The kit comes molded in yellow and an illustrated assembly guide is included.
  • Big 1/32 Scale
  • Molded In Yellow
  • Authentic Surface Details
  • Full Color Decals Featuring Coca-Cola® Logos

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