Kitty Hawk Aircraft 1/48 Sepecat Jaguar T2/T4 Aircraft Kit

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Second version of the joint Anglo-French jet ground attack aircraft - buildable as Royal Air Force T2/T4 double seater/trainer.

  • Engraved panel and rivet detail, fully equipped cockpit, well rendered undercarriage and wheel bays, avionics bay interior detail with optional position access panels, engines with turbine face and afterburners, optional position slats / flaps and speed brakes, segmented canopy and photo-etch parts (mirrors seatbelts, instrument panels and consoles, spoilerons, blade antennae, afterburner flame holders, turkey feathers).
  • External stores and drop tanks
  • Decals and color painting reference for (2) RAF aircraft: XX843 33 of 2 sqn and XX830 of Empire Test Pilots School - includes stencil data.

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