Italeri Military 1/35 PzKpfw I Ausf B Tank Kit

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The Panzerkampfwagen I was the first German mass-produced tank. Born in the early '30s to provide to the German army a light tank, able to stay in line with the constraints imposed by the Treaty of Versailles, which could be useful for the training of the crews of future Panzer Divisions and able to support the operations of the infantry. Armed with two 7.92 mm machine guns mounted in the turret, it was very maneuverable but characterized by a thin armor. The Ausf. B version was improved in the power train and in the track system. It took part in the Spanish Civil War and contributed to the first Wehrmacht winning operations during the Second World War as the invasion of Poland and France. However, due to its weapons and its armor, the Panzer I’s performance in combat was limited and became very soon rather old compared to other light tanks of the era.
  • Contains One Figure, Photo Etched Fret and Link and Length Tracks

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