Italeri Military 1/35 M4A2 76mm Wet Sherman Tank Kit

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With the entrance in war in June 1941, Russia as well benefited from the help Lend Lease program in favor of the countries involved in the war against the Axis. Therefore, aircraft, ships, trains and armaments very important for the campaign against the Germans and their Allied already arrived at Moscow’s door, started to flow into Soviet Union. In various version, the Sherman tank was included in the sustain program. The M4A2 version, with GM diesel engine, was rejected by the US Army due to the fact that majority of their vehicles were petrol powered and it would have been an problem for the fuel supplements. Instead, it was supplied to both Commonwealth and USSR. From this last one, it would have not represented an issue by already having in service the T34 tank with diesel engine. More than 4000 units were delivered between 1942 and 1944. 2000 of these equipped with a 76mm cannon and special ammunition, were capable to battle against the German tanks in the close combats.

One decal sheet with markings for 4 versions:                        

  1. Soviet Army, Unknown Unit, Austria 1945 code: 913
  2. Soviet Army Unknown unit, Germany 1945 code: 154
  3. Soviet Army, Unknown Unit, Germany 1945 code: 79
  4. Soviet Army, Unknown Unit, Poland 1945 code: 79

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