Italeri Aircraft 1/72 Jaguar GR3 Big Cat Aircraft Kit

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The Jaguar, born during the ‘60s thanks to a development partnership program between French and British aviation companies, is one of the most famous and “long lasting” ground attack and close air support aircraft used by Royal Air Force.  It was used by R.A.F. until the mid 2000s and it  showed an impressive longevity and operational efficiency.  Thanks to its two turbojet engines it was able to reach and exceed the speed of Mach 1.6.  It  has been used to perform duties  in operational areas characterized by a high level of complexity, including the Balkans and Iraq. Jaguar Gr. 3, in details, was one of the most updated versions. The single-seat all-weather ground attack fighter has been equipped with improved navigation system  and weapon target seekers. To celebrate the end of Jaguar active service, the interesting “Big Cat” commemorative livery has been done.

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