ICM Model Ships 1/72 WWII German U-Boat Type XXVIIB Seehund (Early) Midget Submarine Kit

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The Seehund (German: "seal"), also known as Type XXVII, was a successful series of German midget submarines created during World War II. Designed in 1944, and operated by two-man crews, the submarines were used by the Kriegsmarine during the closing months of the war, sinking 8 merchant vessels and damaging an additional 3, with 35 losses mostly attributed to bad weather.

From the Allied point of view, the Seehund's small size made it almost impossible for Asdic to get a return from her hull, while her very quiet slow speed running made her almost immune to detection by the hydrophone. As Admiral Sir Charles Little, Commander-in-Chief Portsmouth put it, "Fortunately for us, these damn things arrived too late in the war to do any damage".

Seehunds operated mainly around the German coast and in the English Channel, and could attack on the surface in turbulent weather, but had to be almost stationary for submerged attacks. From January to April 1945 Seehunds performed 142 sorties, during which they sank 8 ships for a total of 17,301 tons and damaged 3 for a total of 18,384 tons; 35 Seehunds were lost in action.

The last Seehund sorties took place on 28 April and 2 May 1945, when two special missions were performed to resupply the cutoff German base at Dunkirk with rations, the boats carrying special food containers (nicknamed "butter torpedoes") instead of torpedoes, and on the return voyage using the containers to carry mail from the Dunkirk garrison.

The French navy received four units as war damage and commissioned them as S 621S 622, S 623 and S624. They were used until August 1953. S 622 is preserved and on display at Brest naval museum.

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