ICM Aircraft 1/72 Japanese Ki27b Army Fighter Kit

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In 1935, the Japanese Army held a competition between Nakajima, Mitsubishi, and Kawasaki to design a low-wing monoplane to replace the Kawasaki Ki-10 (Type 95 Fighter) biplane. The results were Nakajima Ki-27, Kawasaki Ki-28, and Mitsubishi Ki-33. Nakajima's design was based on its earlier Ki-11 monoplane fighter which lost to Ki-10 in the Type 95 Fighter competition, and Ki-27 was designed by Koyama Yasushi to have air-cooled radial engine and fixed landing gear. Ki-27 made its first flight on October 15, 1936 and was the Japanese Army's main fighter until the start of World War II. Its outstanding turning ability granted by its remarkably low wing loading caused the Army to focus almost exclusively on maneuverability. Ki-27b had an improved all-glass canopy and oil cooler, provision for 4x 25 kg (55 lb) bombs or fuel tanks under the wings. The Ki-27 served until the beginning of World War II and continued to serve as a trainer afterward, and were used in Japan Home Air Defense in 1944-1945.

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