ICM Aircraft 1/48 WWII USAF P51K Mustang Fighter Kit

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North American long-range escort fighter and fighter-bomber, bubbletop variant with vertical stabilizer filet and Aeroproducts propeller.

  • Engraved panel lines and rivets
  • Detailed cockpit (with radio bay and optional seated pilot), separate flaps, optional weighted wheels, drop tanks (x2), bombs (x2), clear-molded instrument panel and multi-part canopy plus new tool prop blades
  • Decals and painting guide for 2 USAAF aircraft: P-51K-10 'Sunshine' of Lt Col Banks, CO of the 348th FG, le Shima, July 1945 and P-51K-5-NT 'Nooky Booky IV' of Maj 'Kit' Carson of the 362nd FS, Christmas 1944.

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