Hasegawa Ship Models 1/450 Japanese Navy Carrier-Based Aircraft Set (18 Total) Kit

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Winged Wonder Weapons

Aircraft delivered many of the decisive blows of the Pacific War. From Pearl Harbor to the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the long range, striking power, and relatively low cost of aircraft made them the weapon of choice for combats in the far-flung reaches of the Pacific Ocean. A combination of dive bombers like "Grace", torpedo bombers like "Jill", "Myrt" recon, and fighters like "George" and the "Type 52" gave Japan a well-balanced and lethal striking arm. Kit features eighteen total aircraft: Zero Type 52 (6), "Grace" (3), "Jill" (3), "Myrt" (3), and "George (3).

Decal Options:
IJN 601st N.F.G. (Imaginary marking)

  1. Zero Fighter Type 52 - Code: 601-33, 601-34
  2. Grace - Code: 601-246
  3. Jill - Code: 601-376
  4. Myrt - Code: 601-13
  5. George - Code: 601-102

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