Hasegawa Aircraft 1/72 EA6B (High Vis) Aircraft Kit


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The Gruman EA-6B Prowler is a US Navy and Marine electronic warfare aircraft. The EA-6A is utilized by the US Marine Corps to interfere with enemy radar and for reconnaissance, and has been more successful in fulfilling its role than was ever anticipated. The aircraft came about as a result of requirements for an effective electronic counter measures platform, and was developed based on the EA-6A Prowler which had already shown its worth in that role. Delivery of the aircraft began in 1971, and its being utilized in carrier borne roles and with the Marine Corps as the successor to the EA-6A.

Decal Options:

  1. VMAQ-2 MARINES, CY 160432, Playboy Bunny Logo, Star Insignia with Red Stripe
  2. USS Midway NAVY VAQ-136, NF 160789, Star Insignia with Red Stripe, Armor Glove Insignia, Lightning Bolts

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