Hasegawa Ship Models 1/700 Tenryu Japanese Navy Light Cruiser Kit

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Swift Spear of the IJN

Tenryu and her sister ship Tatsuta were tough Japanese light cruisers commissioned just after the first world war and used in WWII. Tenryu fought at Wake island, off Guadalcanal, and extensively in the waters around New Guinea before falling prey to USS Albacore in late 1942. The vessels itself was a new design intended to lead destroyer flotillas. It was long, thin, and fast for a cruiser, but carried lighter armor and armament than other cruisers. Kit features two sets of decals.
  • Highly detailed plastic pieces
  • Limited edition
  • Waterline hull
  • Accurate gun turrets and other armament
  • Numerous detailed ship's boats
  • Waterslide decals
  • Illustrated instructions

Decal Options:

  1. I.J.N. July, 1942 (after anti-aircraft weapons are increased)
  2. I.J.N. December, 1941 (the outbreak of war)

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