Hasegawa Ship Models 1/450 JMSDF Atago DDG Guided Missile Destroyer Kit

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Sub-surface Security and Surface Superiority

DDG-177 Atago is currently in service with the JMSDF. She is an able ship, equipped with anti-ship cruise missiles, sophisticated detection and ranging equipment, and crewed by expert sailors. The ship is loaded with a bevy of various missiles-anti-ship, anti-submarine, and anti-air missiles are all carried as well as a host of torpedoes, point-defense 20mm Gatling cannons, a standard five-inch gun and even an onboard helicopter. Though it has never participated in a conflict, there can be no doubt that Atago would acquit itself well under any circumstances. Kit features full decals.

Decal Option:

  1. JMSDF Guided Missile Destroyer ATAGO Code: 177

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