Hobby Boss Military 1/35 AFT 9 Kit

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The HJ-9 entered service in the late 1990s and was first revealed during the national day military parade held in Beijing on 1 October 1999. The missile was claimed to have a armour penetration capability of 1,200mm RHA, which means that it can penetrate the front armour of most modern MBT in current service. The HongJian 9 inservice with the PLA is carried on a 4X4 WZ550 armoured personnel carrier (APC) vehicle. The WZ550 APC-mounted HongJian 9 system operated by a crew of three men, has an integrated weapon station containing an observation/fire-control unit and four tube missile launchers. When the vehicle is in travelling mode, the station can be retracted back to inside the troop compartment. There are four ready-to-launch missiles on the weapon station and eight spare missiles carried inside the vehicle. The station has an elevation from +10 to -10 degrees with +/-200 degree traverse. The fully automated weapon station is controlled by an operator inside the vehicle. The vehicle has a combat weight of 13.75t, and is powered by a 320hp turbo-charged diesel. The maximum road speed is 95km/h.

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