Hobby Boss Military 1/35 Panzer Bfwg.38 Ausf.B Kit

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PzBfWg 38t command tank was the standard Praga tank with the additional Fu 8, radio station installed instead of the bow machine gun and the frame antenna over motor compartment Each Wehrmacht panzer division has 7-10 Praga command tanks The total of 300 PzBfWg were produced. The PzKpfw 38t tanks were used by German, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovakian, Bulgarian armies at the initial period of WWII They were also exported to Sweden, Switzerland, Peru, Iran, and other states The PzKpfw 38t with excellent technical characteristics such as speed, armor protection and high reliability The PzKpfw 38t was the best light tank at the initial period of WWIIThe PzKpfw 38t was designed by CKD Praga in 1938 The first 150 tanks were produced for the Wehrmacht as the PzKpfw 38t AusfA from May to November 1939 The success of tests with the first production vehicles led the Waffenamt to order further 325 Externally similar to AusfA, the AusfB had the drivers curved plate The AusfB served in France in 1940 with the 7th & 8th Panzer Divisions.

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