Heller Military 1/35 Renault R35 Tank w/25mm Gun Kit

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The coming of Hitler in 1933 and of his Germany rearmament program convinced French Headquarters to launch the Renault ZM enven before the end of all its technical trials. So as from May 1935, the Direction des Fabrications d’Armement (French management for armament manufacturing) placed with Renault an order for 300 tanks, even though the “light tank, model 1935 R”, was not yet perfected. Numerous little details underwent alterations on the production run as technical problems were encountered. Furthermore, during the trials many defects were gradually revealed. Final adjustments lasted until 1940. 

The idea of developing guns specialized in shooting at tanks came up between the two world wars precisely because of the expansion of the armored weapon. They were to have a high muzzle velocity so that on the one hand a straight shot would avoid telemetry and correction, bath operations delaying on a more ‘traditional’ gun the start of shooting and guaranty a good perforation, and on the other hand have an all out field of fire (horizontal displacement) so as to scour a wide shooting area without having to move the gun carriage.

  • Parts for 1 model
  • 1 decal sheet  
  • Chain
  • Tracks
  • Instructions

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