Heller Ships 1/500 Le Superbe 3-Masted Sailing Ship w/Paint & Glue Kit

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“Le Superbe” came from a marine program which trying to strengthen the diversity of vessels of Naval Forces of Louis XVI in the eighteenth century, the "Great", elaborated at length, was started in 1782 on the plans of the engineer Jacques-Noel Sane. This ship has the distinction of having a shell lined with copper. This practice was widespread in the early 70’s. It allowed the hull, including the hull of not being attacked by worms and other parasites. “Le Superbe” is equipped with 74 guns distributed as follows: 28 to 36 pounds on the first battery, 30 to 18 pounds on the second battery 16 and 8 books on the forecastle. Like all ships of 74 guns, the Great had no cloak to the second battery. It should be noted that the figurehead of this boat is a shield that was imposed as a regulatory principle in 1785. Introduced in the Army Naval Admiral De Villaret Joyeuse, he wiped the month of January 1795 a violent storm. It damaged many ships of this army, included "Le Superbe". Irreparability because many waterways, Admiral De Villaret Joyeuse decided evacuation.
  • Parts for 1 model
  • Pencil
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • 1 decal sheet
  • Instructions

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