Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/72 MIL MI-4A Hound A Kit

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The Mi-4 HOUND helicopter is a piston-engined aircraft developed for military transport. Approximately 3,000 Mi-4 Hounds were built before production ended in 1969. It`s a large, four-blade main rotor is mounted on top of the fuselage midsection. The single piston engine is mounted within the nose section. The fuselage is short and oval with a solid rounded nose and stepped-up cockpit.The first model entered service in 1952 and replaced the Mi-1. The helicopter was first displayed to the outside world in 1952 at the Soviet Aviation Day in Tushino.
  • Fine engraved panel lines
  • Detailed cockpit, cargo bay, interior bulkheads, and rotorhead
  • Machine gun gondola and separately molded hatches
  • Rear loading doors with interior detail
  • Decals and color painting guide for 2 aircraft: Russian 'White 3' and Chinese PLAAF Z-5, 'Red 7272'.1

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