Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/32 F-84G Thunderjet Kit

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The Republic Aviation Company F-84 “Thunderjet” was a turbojet fighter-bomber aircraft. Originating as a USAF proposal for a daytime fighter 1944. The F-84 first flew in 1946 and it entered service in 1947.When production of the F-84 was close in 1953, about 4457 had been built, including 6 different versions.
The F-84G is a single-seat fighter-bomber capable of delivering the Mark 7 nuclear bomb using the LABS, J35-A-29 engine, introduced the multi-framed canopy which was later retrofitted to earlier straight-winged F-84s. A total of 3,025 were built (1,936 for NATO under MDAP).
  • Fine surface engravings
  • Excellent cockpit (with choice of 2 ejection seats), full nose gun bay interior, well detailed landing gear and wheel wells, separate control surfaces, dropped flaps, optional position perforated type speed brake, exhaust pipe with turbine faces, optional wingtip tanks, 2-piece reinforced type canopy, RATO bottles, vinyl tires, smooth white metal undercarriage struts and nose weights (pre-shaped to fit between gun bay and intake splitter)
  • Includes external stores - pylons with separate sway braces, 2 drop tanks and assorted bombs

Colorful decals and color painting reference for 2 aircraft:

  • USAF F-84G-16-RE s/n 51-10454 'Four Queens' of the 58th FBS at Taegu, Korea during the summer of 1951
  • French Armee de l'Air F-84G-6-RE s/n 51-9894 during 1952

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