Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/48 F-80A Shooting Star Kit

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The Lockheed F-80 'Shooting Star' is the first fighter jet which have the speed over 800kph,the first mass-produced jet,and the first fighter jets into combat of the US Air Force.The prototype P-80 took the first flight in January,1944,and into service in February,1945.Cause of the ending of the World War II,the Air Force reduce the plan from 5000 to 917.The P-80 were renamed to F-80 in 1948. The F-80A has a J33-A-5 engine which can pull the aircraft to 932kpm. The weapon contains two 12.7-mm M3 guns with 1800 rounds of ammunition.
  • Engraved panel lines
  • Well-appointed cockpit
  • Detailed wheel bays and undercarriage
  • Separate aft fuselage with engine flame cans and tailpipe
  • Optional position flaps and speed brakes
  • Choice of Lockheed type or extended-range wingtip tanks, choice of underwing drop tanks or bombs, segmented canopy
  • Photo-etch seatbelts

Decals and painting reference for (2) USAF Shooting Stars of the 56th Fighter Group during 1948:

  • s/n 44-85033
  • s/n 44-85464

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