Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/48 TA-152 C-1/R14 Kit

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Luftwaffe high-altitude, high-speed day fighter and interceptor developed by Kurt Tank from the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 series, proposed short-span, torpedo armed, anti-shipping variant.

  • Fine engraved panel lines, well appointed cockpit, full engine accessory section (visible through the main wheel wells), wing cannon, multi-part canopy, separate control surfaces (rudder ailerons and flaps), choice of open or closed cowl flaps, filigree antennae and photo-etch parts (seatbelts, rudder pedals, exhaust flange, aft cockpit decking and underwing Morane mast)
  • Includes new tool 'Rstsatz 14' adaptation (ETC 502 rack and detailed LFT5 torpedo).
  • Decals and color painting guide for a single German aircraft: prototype '1H+DP' - includes instrument panel and console markings

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