Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/48 F4U-4 Corsair Late Kit

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Vought WWII-Korean War era inverted gull-wing carrier-capable fighter, later production '-4' variant with flat windscreen.

  • Engraved panel lines, well appointed cockpit (including control linkages), fully detailed R-2800-18W radial engine, cowling with chin intake, separately molded control surfaces, positionable flaps, choice of extended or folded wings with wing-fold mechanism and internal wing structure, machine gun bays (with ammunition chutes, completely detailed landing gear, 2-piece canopy (with new tool flattened windscreen), drop tanks (x2) and 5" underwing rockets (x8)

Decals and painting guide for 2 US Marine aircraft:

  • BuNo 96845 'WS18' of VMF-323 onboard USS Sicily, June 1951
  • BuNo 97208 'WR13' of VMF-312 onboard USS Bataan, May 1952

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