Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/48 Me262A-1B KIT

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For its first jet-powered flight in March 1942, the Messerschmitt Me 262 V1 was fitted with two BMW TL.3302 turbojets in addition to its Junkers Jumo 201G piston engine. This flight was successful, but several days later both turbojets lost power mid-air and the prototype was damaged in the ensuing heavy landing. Broader problems with the BMW engines soon saw them abandoned in favor of Jumo 004 turbojets, which were used on almost every subsequent Me 262.

However, the breadth of the Me 262 test program meant that there were exceptions to this rule. One of these was the Me 262 A-1b, developed in 1943-44 as a hedge against a possible shortage of Jumo engines. Powered by BMW 003 gas turbines (the same engine used on the Heinkel He 162) the A-1b prototype was a technical success, with flight characteristics equal to and in some cases superior to those of Jumo-engined machines. But despite this, the project did not progress, with no more than three – and possibly only one – Me 262 A-1bs ever completed.

  • Engraved panel lines and rivet head features
  • Well appointed cockpit
  • Excellent central fuselage and main wheel bay detail
  • Nose gun bay with 30mm Mk.108 cannons (x4), separate bay doors, new tool engine nacelles with intake and exhaust turbine faces, optional position rudder, interior fuselage stringer detail, aft radio equipment with access panel, Ruhrstahl X-4 missiles (x4), takeoff assist rockets (x2), segmented canopy and white metal nose gear well (as nose weight).
  • Decals and color painting guide for 2 Luftwaffe aircraft: WNr 170078 and WNr 130184 - includes instrument panel markings and stencil data.

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