Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/48 F-14D Super Tomcat Kit

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The final variant of the F-14 was the F-14D Super Tomcat. The F-14D variant was first delivered in 1991. The original TF-30 engines were replaced with GE F110-400 engines, similar to the F-14B. The F-14D also included newer digital avionics systems including a glass cockpit and replaced the AWG-9 with the newer AN/APG-71 radar. Other systems included  SJU-17 Naval Aircrew Common Ejection Seats (NACES) and Infra-red search and track (IRST). 
Although the F-14D was to be the definitive version of the Tomcat, not all fleet units received the D variant. Congress decided not to shut production down and funded 55 aircraft as part of a compromise. A total of 37 new aircraft were completed, and 18 F-14A models were upgraded to D-models, designated F-14D for rebuild. An upgrade to the F-14D's computer software to allow AIM-120 AMRAAM missile capability was planned but was later terminated.
  • Nicely detailed NACES ejection seats w/photo-etched seatbelts/harnesses
  • Nicely detailed cockpit
  • Positionable canopy
  • Positionable boarding steps and ladders
  • Positionable radome
  • APG-71 radar under the radome
  • Positionable port side avionics bay door with bay details
  • Positionable gun bay door w/M61 Vulcan gun inside
  • Positionable leading edge slats
  • Positionable training edge flaps
  • Positionable stabilators
  • Positionable speed brakes
  • Movable wings
  • Positionable air refueling probe
  • Two complete F110 engines
  • Intake ramps molded in closed (supersonic) position
  • Choice of open or closed afterburner nozzles for both engines
  • Choice of AIM-54 or AIM-7 glove pylon adapters plus LANTIRN glove adapter
  • Choice of normal or 'squat' nosegear strut
  • Rubber tires

For external options:

  • 2 x AIM-9L
  • 4 x AIM-7
  • 6 x AIM-54
  • 4 x GBU-31 JDAMs
  • 4 x Mk.82 slicks
  • 1 x LANTIRN pod
  • 1 x TARPS pod
  • 2 x external fuel tanks

Markings are provided for two examples:

  • F-14D, BuNo 164603, VF-213, NH/101, USS Carl Vinson, Skipper's aircraft
  • F-14D, BuNo 164342, VF-101, AD/164, USS Enterprise, 2000

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