Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/48 F3H-2M Demon Kit

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McDonnell subsonic, swept-wing, carrier capable jet fighter, all-weather missile capable fighter variant.

  • Engraved panel lines and rivet heads, well detailed cockpit and wheel wells, optional position speed brakes, separate control surfaces, multi-part canopy, well detailed landing gear and arresting hook, refueling probe, exhaust pipe with turbine face, intricate exhaust nozzle, drop tanks (x2), AIM-9B missiles (x2), AIM-7C missiles (x2) and photo-etch parts (wing fences, spoilers, speed brake walls and afterburner flame holder)
  • Wings may be assembled in folded position after cutting (wings are internally scored to ease this option)

Decals and color painting reference for 2 US Navy aircraft:

  • BuNo 145288 of VF-14 'Tophatters'
  • BuNo 137055 of VF-112 'Fighting 12'

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