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Panavia-built variable geometry twin-jet attack aircraft, SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses) variant. Kit features recessed rivets and panel lines, well detailed tandem cockpits, radar package face and antenna, separate radome, multipart canopy, separate leading/trailing edge flaps and spoilers, detailed undercarriage and wheel wells, separate speed brakes and thrust reversers, optional position refueling probe, separate rudder, plus extensive stores (drop tanks (3 types), (4) Mk 82 with BSU-49 bombs, BOZ-100 chaff/flare pod, ECM pods (2 types) plus (2) AGM-88, (2) AIM-9 and (6) ALARM missiles). Also includes photo-etch detail parts. Decals and color painting guide for 2 aircraft: Luftwaffe 46+48 of JaBoG321 'Lechfeld Tigers' in 2008 Tiger Meet scheme and Italian Air Force MM7027 of 155 Gruppo ETS, 50 Stormo in 70th Anniversary panther scheme, 2006 - includes stencils, instrument panels, consoles and weapons markings.

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