Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/48 Australian F-111C Pig Kit

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The F-111 Aardvark was designed as a all-weather multi-role aircraft by the General Dynamics. It was the result of the requirement in the 1960s for a long range interceptor to US Navy and deep-strike interdictor to USAF, but the Navy versions was failed, so the project ended as an strike aircraft.
The F-111 with a Features as twin-seat,twin-power, Swing-wing, a semi-monocoque aircraft, First flight December 21, 1964. first production F-111s were delivered on July 18, 1967. the F-111s total Production was 563 aircraft. F-111A is the early Variants of the F-111 Family, 158 F-111A was built. The F-111C is the export version for Royal Australian AF, Australia decided to order 24 in 1963, and received their first F-111C in 1968. However development delays and structural problems delayed acceptance of aircraft by the Royal Australian Air Force until 1973.
  • Fine recessed panel lines and rivets
  • Well detailed side-by-side cockpit, radar package, multi-part optional position canopy, detailed undercarriage with vinyl tires, separate leading trailing edge flaps and spoilers, detailed wheel wells and weapons bay, (2) full engines, optional open/closed weapons bay doors, avionics bays with black boxes and separate access panels, (2) drop tanks, plus weapons (TERS, MERS, AN/ALQ-131 ECM pod, AN/ALQ-119 and AN/ALQ-87 jamming pods, AN/AVQ-26 targeting pod, (2) AIM-9B missiles, (6) Mk 20 bombs, (12) Mk 82 bombs (2) AGM-142 ASMs and 2 each GBU-15s, -10s and -24s)
  • Decals and color painting guide for 2 RAAF aircraft: A8-127 and A8-131 in 30 year anniversary scheme 1973 to 2003 - includes stencil data, instrument panels and weapon markings

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