Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/48 MIG-17PFU Fresco Kit

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The MiG-17 was an incremental design improvement based upon the experiences gained from MiG-15 flight operations. The MiG-17 was powered by the same Klimov VK-1 as the MiG-15, but the fuselage was lengthened about three feet and the wings were swept an additional 10 degrees to 45 degrees. The design changes resulted in a faster aircraft that was more maneuverable at altitude. Nevertheless, if you walked around a flight line of MiG-15 and MiG-17 aircraft, the design changes were subtle enough to make it difficult to distinguish between the two types until you count wing fences (two per wing on the MiG-15, three per wing on the MiG-17).

The Klimov VK-1, which was a license-built Rolls-Royce Nene, was further enhanced with the first generation of afterburning engine, the VK-1F, giving its host aircraft additional thrust at critical phases of flight at the expense of much higher fuel consumption. The first afterburning MiG-17 became the MiG-17F.

Another distinction was given to the MiG-17 - development of smaller radar sets allowed for a radome to be added to the nose of the aircraft providing the pilot with limited all-weather intercept capability. These radar-equipped aircraft were designated as MiG-17P, and when equipped with both radar and the afterburning VK-1F, became the MiG-17PF.

Yet another development was the Soviets' first operational air-to-air missile - the beam-riding K-5 (AA-1 Alkalai). The MiG-17PF could engage its target with unguided rockets and cannon fire, but with the introduction of the K-5, the pilot could simply aim the pipper at the target and fire the missile. The K-5 would follow the beam of the radar to impact. In order to carry four K-5 missiles, the MiG-17 had to shed its cannons to allow for the weight of the missiles. These missile-equipped interceptors became the MiG-17PFU.

  • Detailed cockpit
  • Detailed engine and engine mount
  • Separate tail section
  • Positionable elevators, ailerons and flaps
  • Positionable canopy
  • PF and PFU lower nose pans
  • Positionable speed brakes
  • Four K-5 missiles and pylons
  • Two external fuel tanks

Markings are provided for three examples:

  • MiG-17PFU, Red 17, Soviet AF
  • MiG-17PFU, Red 05, Soviet AF
  • MiG-17PFU, Red 09, Soviet AF

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