Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/72 Soviet TU-2 Bomber Kit

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The Tupolev Tu-2 was a twin-engined, high-speed light bomber, comparable to the Junkers Ju-88 and, to a lesser extent, the De Havilland Mosquito. It was developed during the early part of World War Two and first flew in late January 1941. It entered frontline service in March 1942 and served until well after the end of the war. The aircraft was powered by two Shvetsov Ash-82 14-cylinder radial engines, a Soviet Russian powerplant which could trace its origins back to a license-built version of the famous Wright Cyclone. These engines gave the Tu-2 a maximum speed of 325mph and the ability to carry over 8000lb of bombs.

The Tu-2 was well regarded by its pilots for its speed, maneuverability and ability to withstand damage, as well as its considerable load-lugging abilities. By the time production ended in 1948, almost 3,000 examples had been completed. Some examples found their way into the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force and saw action against the British during the Korean War. The last examples were not retired from Chinese service until the late 1970s.

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