Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/72 P-47D Razorback Kit

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Shipped From Internet Hobbies Warehouse

  • Fine engraved panel lines, fuselage with integral cockpit and horizontal tail surfaces, separately molded seat, raised relief engine face, boxed-in wheel wells, single-piece 4-blade propeller, centerline slipper drop tank, underwing drop tanks, and single-piece canopy. 

Decals and color painting reference for 2 USAAF Thunderbolts:

  • P-47D-20-RE s/n 42-76594 'Zombie' of the 361st FS, 356th FG, 1944
  • P-47D-23-RA s/n 42-27884 'Bonnie' of the 460th FS, 348th FG, Southwest Pacific, 1943

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