Hasegawa Model Cars 1/24 Subaru Legacy RS 1993 New Zealand Rally Limited Edition Kit

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Rally driving on the New Zealand Rally course is challenging, to say the least. It's all done on gravel roads. It's frequently run for over two hundred miles. It can take drivers around hairpin turns or over high hill jumps in an instant. Amidst it all is ferocious competition which sometimes comes down to tenths of a second. Our model of the Subaru Legacy RS is liveried with the winner of the 1993 New Zealand Rally—Colin McRae. Or, you can choose to depict the same car and the same driver coming off their fifth place Tour de Corse finish.

Decal Options: 
  • 1993 New Zealand Rally Winner Car No. 7 Driver: Colin McRae
  • 1993 Tour de Corse Rally 5th place Car No. 8 Driver: Colin McRae

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