Hasegawa Aircraft 1/72 Kawanishi H8K2 Type 2 Flying Boat Aircraft Kit

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Nicknamed "Emily" by the Allies, the Kawanishi H8K2 was first developed in June of 1943. The H8K2 boasted many advantages over the H8K1, most notably Mitsubishi® MK4Q engines and an upgraded tail gun turret. Later versions lacked side gun blisters; these featured Air-to-Surface-Vessel search radar. These improvements helped make the H8K2 a favorite with pilots in the IJN. Its heavy bomb load, long range, and radar made it an effective anti-sub and patrol aircraft. Only four survived the war.

Hasegawa has designed this kit using the latest in digital technology to ensure accurate detail inside and out. 
  • 283 highly detailed plastic pieces molded in gray and clear
  • Full compliment of crew figures
  • Detailed cockpit with crew
  • Waterslide decals
  • Illustrated instructions

Decal Options: One decal sheet with markings for 3 versions:

  1. IJN TAKUMA Naval Flying Group (T-31)
  2. IJN 802nd Naval Flying Group (N1-26)
  3. IJN 801st Naval Flying Group (801-86)


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