Hasegawa Aircraft 1/72 F-117A Nighthawk Desert Storm Kit


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Can you say "boom"? The GBU-27 is a Paveway III laser-guided 2,000 lb bomb modified to be carried by the Nighthawk Stealth Attack Aircraft and intended to turn hardened concrete bunkers into softened sandy craters. The Nighthawk itself is a deadly little piece of hardware that sneaks in through radar screens, hits its target, and gets back to base. The world-famous "Goblin" was retired in 2008 but is kept in storage, should Congress see the need to call it back to the front lines. Kit features new bomb bay and bomb parts and two sets of decals.

Decal Options:
  1. USAF 37TFW Code: 37TFW TR830 (85-0830) 1991
  2. USAF 37TFW Col. Alton Whitley Code: 37TFW TR813 (85-0813) 1991

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