Hasegawa Aircraft 1/32 Ju87D Stuka Luftwaffe Dive Bomber w/SC1000 Bomb Kit

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Shipped From Internet Hobbies Warehouse

Considered too slow to match Allied fighters in Europe, but feared on the Russian front for its destructive bombing runs. Features an SC1000 blockbuster bomb mounted on the fuselage, plus drop tanks and twin SC50 bombs on each gull wing.

Decal Options:
  1. D-5: Luftwaffe III./SG2 Kommandeur Hauptmann Hans-Ulrich Rudel; Code: T6+AD Russia (Spring 1944)
  2. D-1/Trop: Luftwaffe StG3 Kommodore Oberstleutnant Walter Siegel; Code: S7+AA Egypt (Oct 1942)

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